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BMW Launch 4 New Bikes in Pakistan

A piece of good news for bike lovers is finally BMW launch 4 New Bikes in Pakistan in 2021. Which include BMW K1600 GT, BMW R-18 Cruiser, BMW 850 GS, and BMW 1250 GSA.

Its bike arm, BMW Motorrad, showcased them on the Dewan cars showroom in Islamabad on Saturday. The top of the economic segment of the embassy of France, Dominique Simon, became in attendance at the event.


That is a new addition in the bike segment in the Pakistani bike industry but these are way more expensive lest check their specs and price list.

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BMW K-1600 GT

BMW Launch 4 New Bikes in Pakistan
K-1600 GT

The K-1600 GT maybe a tour category motorbike that features a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, six-cylinder, in-line engine of 160 hp that provides 129 lb-ft. of torque. Its payload capacity is 454 pounds or 205 kg, and it’s a tag of Rs. 8,970,000.

BMW R-18 Cruiser

BMW Launch 4 New Bikes in Pakistan
R-18 Cruiser

The R-18 may be a heritage category bike, as is clear by its design, and is on sale for Rs. 8,238,750. it’s a 1802cc engine with a maximum power of 91 hp, which also produces a maximum torque of 116 lb-ft.


BMW 850 GS

850 GS

The 850 GS is an adventure category motorbike with a maximum tank capacity of 15.14 liters and an 853cc engine that provides 90 hp at 8,250 rpm. The engine makes 63 lb-ft. of torque at 6250 rpm, and BMW Motorrad has priced the motorbike at Rs. 5,118,750.

BMW 1250 GSA

1250 GSA

The 1250 GSA may be a relatively heavier adventure motorbike with a more powerful 1254 cc engine that creates 136 hp at 7750 rpm and 105 lb-ft of torque at 7,550 rpm. it’s a bigger, 29.9-liter capacity tank, and is priced at Rs. 7,411,000.

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