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Chery 2022 EQ5 Launched In China

This article is all about Chery 2022 EQ5 Launched In China. With new technology and shape. At the end of October, Chery 2022 EQ5 was officially launched in China, which is Chery’s new model in the field of new energy vehicles following the launch of 2021 EQ5 in 2020, with nearly 100 upgrades in appearance, drive, intelligence, and experience.

As China’s leading auto brand, Chery initiated the independent research and development of new energy vehicles as early as 1999. After more than 20 years of development, Chery has gradually formed industry-leading advantages in the series of new energy passenger vehicle research and development systems and integration platforms, four new energy vehicle platforms, five general subsystems, and seven core technologies. Therefore, Chery played a leading role in the auto industry in China.

The Chery PRO series is sold well globally

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The 2022 EQ5 is equipped with Chery’s latest new energy technologies, including the @Life technology platform, three-in-one electric drive system, and the @Pilot L2+ automatic assist driving system.

Life technology platform guides the smart green travel

The @Life platform is committed to building a full scene of green and intelligent life for users. The “Green” concept is integrated with an all-aluminum frame body, outer covering with high-performance composite material, evolving battery technology & extensible platform technology, etc. The “intelligent” component includes the following parts: intelligent battery, intelligent driving, and intelligent electric drive.

Chery 2022 EQ5 Launched In China
LIFE Platform

At the same time, 2022 EQ5 adopts a unique lightweight all-aluminum body, which reduces weight by 30% and increases stiffness by 20%, fulfilling high strength and low energy consumption. With the original bionic body skeleton, ring-cage all-aluminum body structure, and segmented collapse front rail, it ensures 30%~50% of improvement of collision protection effect of the vehicle. The vehicle is manufactured based on C-NCAP five-star safety standards, reaching the leading level in China.

Efficient and intelligent three-in-one electric drive system ensures super comfort experience

The three-in-one electric drive system has been upgraded to provide a quiet and comfortable driving environment while delivering high efficiency and strong power. The electric drive system integrates the motor, motor controller and reducer applies lightweight design, and ensures the highest motor efficiency of 97%.

Chery 2022 EQ5 Launched In China
3 in 1 Electric Drive System

In addition, it features high power output with power improvement of 15%, max. speed of 200km/h, 0-50km/h acceleration in 3.6, relative NVH improvement of 2%, and running noise improvement of 1.5dB (A) compared with that of the split motor.

Intelligent manipulation for driving fun and comfortable travel

The newly updated @Pilot L2+ automatic assist driving system is equipped with the following systems: self-adaptive cruise control (ACC) system, lane-keeping assist (LKA) system, lane departure protection (LDP) system, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system, Automatic parking assist (APA) system, and BAWS fatigue monitoring system. The application of cutting-edge technology ensures users’ simple manipulation, convenient parking, and safe driving.

Chery 2022 EQ5 Launched In China
Automatic Assist

Meanwhile, this vehicle upgraded the Face ID recognition function, which adopts the software algorithm to extract facial information for matching and authentication with an accuracy of ≥98%. It takes only 7 seconds from key unlocking to system startup, with a recognition rate of ≤300ms, and only 0.2 seconds from face capture to completion of authentication. In addition, the VIP intelligent system can provide courtesy and memory service, which can remember the user’s drive habits and life hobbies.

With the launch of the 2022 EQ5 in China, a global launch of Chery’s new energy models is also planned. It is believed that Chery’s global leading new energy vehicle models will soon appear in countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and other regions, bringing unique new energy vehicle driving experiences to global consumers.

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