Fuel prices can increase again in October 2021

Fuel prices can increase again in October 2021

A piece of sad news for the consumer is that Fuel prices can increase again in October 2021 in Pakistan which will increase the inflation rate.


Expected Petrol Price

The price of Petrol should increase by Rs. 5.25 per liter of October according to a proposal sent by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to the Finance Division.

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Expected Diesel Price

As indicated by the news, the price of diesel should also increase by Rs. 3.5 per liter. However, the Ministry of Finance will consult Prime Minister Imran Khan before taking the final decision.


Reason of Inflation

Fluctuations in oil prices on the international market and changes in the exchange rate had led the government to announce a massive increase in Rs. 5 per liter for gasoline on September 15, which had hit the price of gasoline. A large height of Rs. 123.30 per liter.

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Expeted other Fuel Prices

A notification of the Detailed Finance Division indicating that the price hikes of other petroleum products were applied from 16 September and had increased the price of high-speed diesel by Rs. 5.01, light diesel oil by Rs. 5.92, and kerosene by Rs . 5,46 per liter. They now cost Rs. 120.04, RS. 90.69 and RS. 96,26 per liter respectively.

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