Fuel Prices have Decreased in Pakistan

Fuel Prices have Decreased in Pakistan

Finally, a piece of good news after a long time for the people of Pakistan because fuel prices have decreased in Pakistan at the end of this year.

The government announced on Wednesday that the price of petroleum products will be reduced by as much as Rs7.01 a liter, easing the burden on the inflation-weary public. The revised prices will take effect on December 16.

The government was anticipated to drop the price of fuel by Rs11, however, the Finance Division has reduced the cost by Rs5, bringing it to Rs140.82 per liter.

Below is the Latest Fuel Price in Pakistan:

ProductExisting price w.e.f 01.12.2021 (per liter)New prices w.e.f 16.12.2021 (per litre)PL/LtrST/Ltr %Increase/ Decrease
(per liter)
MS (Petrol)Rs145.82Rs140.8213.624.77%-5.00
High-Speed Diesel (HSD)Rs142.62Rs137.6213.149.08%-5.00
Kerosene (SKO)Rs116.53Rs109.535.918.30%-7.00
Light Diesel OilRs114.07Rs107.063.662.70%-7.01
Prices List

Diesel has been reduced by Rs5 to Rs137.62 per liter, kerosene has been reduced by Rs7 to Rs109.53 per liter, and light diesel has been reduced by Rs7.01 to Rs107.06 per liter.

It’s worth noting that the government retained the petroleum levy (PL) and sales tax (ST) per liter on MS fuel at 13.62 percent and 4.77 percent, respectively.

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“The rates have been decreased in light of the worldwide market’s dropping price trend for petroleum products and to lessen the impact on the populace,” the statement said.

The tariffs have been lowered as the price of petroleum products on the worldwide market has fluctuated.

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