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Hino Dutro 300 Series Price in Pakistan 2022

This blog is all about the latest and new Hino Dutro 300 Series Price in Pakistan 2022. Pak Hino has launched different series of truck one is 300 series which is a light duty truck equipped with 4009cc engine. There are four different models in 300 Series that are Hino Dutro XZU 640, Hino Dutro XZU 650, Hino Dutro XZU 720, and Hino Dutro XZU 730. While Hino Dutro 300 Series Price in Pakistan 2022 start from PKR 5,550,000 and goes up to PKR 6,650,000 for higher model.

Hino Dutro 300 Series Price in Pakistan 2022

The below table shows the latest and new Hino Dutro 300 Series Price in Pakistan 2022 with Specifications.

Hino Dutro XZU 6404009cc, 100 Liters, 12ftPKR 5,550,000
Hino Dutro XZU 6504009cc, 100 Liters, 14ftPKR 5,650,000
Hino Dutro XZU 7204009cc, 100 Liters, 16ftPKR 6,650,000
Hino Dutro XZU 7304009cc, 100 Liters, 18ftPKR 6,650,000
Hino Dutro 300 Series Price Table

Note: Latest Price was updated on 1st September 2022

About Pak Hino Company

In Pakistan, Hinopak Motors Limited assembles, produces, and sells renowned Hino diesel trucks and buses. The company, which is well-known for quality and technological brilliance, has held the top spot in the local market for medium and heavy-duty trucks for more than 30 years running.

Hinopak has achieved standards of quality and excellence that compete with the best in the area thanks to Hino’s experience. With more than 75,000 vehicles on the road, Hinopak has increased its market share, making it Pakistan’s top producer of medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

The primary focus on passenger safety and comfort has been placed on Hinopak product line, which was developed and manufactured in the traditions of automotive excellence at Hino.

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