hino dutro light truck 300 series price and specifications in pakistan

Hino Dutro WU 640 Price in Pakistan 2022

This article is all about Hino Dutro WU 640 Price in Pakistan 2022. You can check the latest Hino truck prices at the below links. Dutro is Hino’s globally renowned light-duty truck with a high-performance direct-injection engine that delivers power with high fuel economy and lower and cleaner emissions for minimum impact on the environment.

The Euro1 emission standards are adhered to through the employment of electronically controlled common rail fuel injection devices.

Hino Dutro WU 640 Price and Specification 2021

Here is the latest Price of Hino Dutro WU 640 in Pakistan. But these prices change frequently due to the fluctuation of the dollar.

Hino Dutro WU 640 Price PKR 5,000,000
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Hino Dutro WU 640 Innovation in Mobility

The revamped Hino Dutro 300 series is the hallmark of Hino’s pursuit of excellence. It has evolved on three distinct fronts to provide maximum performance benefits to the customers.

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Dutro 300 series is known for superior performance while continuing the legacy of being the best logistics solution for light commercial operations.


The revamped aerodynamic lightweight cabin offers benefits of luxury and fuel efficiency simultaneously while ensuring better maneuverability for inter-city and intra-city operations.

External Design

Comfort and Utility

The new cabin enhances the comfort, utility, spaciousness, improved ergonomics, and ample storage space. The comfort features include reclining seats, futuristic cabin design, and safety features that have set a new precedent.
Utility to provide driver maximum ease while driving.


Expanded Variation

Available in 2 variations to serve diverse needs of logistics. The keen focus has been kept to meet the needs of small and medium business owners.


Variation in sizes will help the customers choose the right vehicle for optimum performance.


Max. speed (Km/hour)127
Max. speed (Km/hour)46
gear ratios &
1st 4.981
2nd 2.911
3rd 1.556
4th 1.000
5th 0.738
Rev. 4.625
Rear-axle ratio4.875
Model Type Hino W04D-TN (EURO II) Diesel, Turbo Charged & Intercooled, 4-Stroke, 4-cylinder,
Vertical in-line, Overhead valve, Water-cooled direct injection type.
Max. Output130 PS @ 2,500 rpm
Max. Torque37.0 kgf.m @1,800 rpm
Displacement4.009 L
CLUTCHDry single plate, diaphragm type
With damper spring
Clutch Dia300 mm
TRANSMISSIONFive forward and one reverse
Speeds, overdrive, synchromesh
1st ~5th
REAR-AXLEFull-floating, single reduction, single-speed by Hypoid gearings.
Axle capacity4,400 kg
FRONT AXLEReverse Elliot “I” section beam
Axle capacity2,600 kg
SERVICE BRAKEHydraulic system with two leading shoes for the front wheel and dual two leading shoes for the rear wheels
PARKING BRAKEMechanical, internal expanding, acting on the transmission output shaft
EXHAUST BRAKEElectro-Vacuum actuator
STEERINGTelescopic and tilt steering column with locking device recirculation ball. with hydraulic booster integral type.
FrontSemi-elliptic leaf springs with double-acting shock absorbers
RearSemi-elliptic reinforced leaf spring with double-acting shock absorbers
Tire Size7.00-16-14PR
Wheel Type5-Stud Disc Wheel
Disc size16 X 5.50F
No. of Tires5 (including one spare tire)
Capacity 100 L
CHASSIS FRAMELadder-shaped “[” section. Side rails
CABAll steel welded construction With torsion bar tilt mechanism. Reinforced cab with additional Safety door impact beams indoors. Seat belts & Individual windshield
washers. Metallic paint on the cabin.
Seating capacityThree
BatteriesTwo, series connections, each 12V, 65 Ah at a 20-hour rate.
Alternator24V, 30A
WeightTotal 2025 kg
Front 1,370 kg
Rear 655 kg
Overall length (mm)5,185
Overall width (mm) 1,695
Overall height (mm) 2,135
Overhang (mm)Front 985
Rear 1,400
Turning radius (mm) 6,100


Hino keeps its reputation in the truck industry in Pakistan and has a good amount of share in the market. A 4.0L engine there are very few competitors against Hino except ISUZU who’s ISUZU NPR 66 is one of the most selling trucks with a 4.4L engine.

You can read all about ISUZU NPR 66 truck here

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FAQ About Hino Dutro WU 640

What is the Latest Price of Hino Dutro WU 640 in Pakistan?

The latest price of Hino Dutro WU 640 is PKR 5,000,000

What is Hino 300 Series Price in Pakistan?

Hino 300 Series Truck Price start from PKR 5,000,000 to PKR 6,000,000

What is the Hino Dutro WU 300 Engine size?

Hino Dutro WU 300 has 4.0L Engine

What is the Hino Dutro WU 720 Truck in Pakistan?

Hino Dutro WU 720 truck latest price is 6,000,000 rupees in Pakistan

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