Honda Increase Bike Prices in November 2021

Honda Increase Bike Prices in November 2021

This article is all about Honda Increase Bike Prices in November 2021 and its 7th time this year Atlas Honda increased bike prices in Pakistan. The Latest Honda bike prices are below.

MotorbikeOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Price Increase (Rs.)
CD 7090,90094,9004,000
CD  70 Dream97,500101,5004,000
Honda Pridor125,500130,5005,000
CG 125147,500152,5005,000
CG 125 SE177,000182,0005,000
CB 125 F212,000218,5006,500
CB 150 F267,000273,5006,500
CB 150 F SE271,000277,5006,500
Honda Bike Prices

Atlas Honda has a history of raising the pricing of their motorcycles without providing any rationale justifications other than the fluctuation of the Pakistani Rupee versus the US Dollar.

Honda Bike Prices Increase 6th time in 2021

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Regardless of the strength of the rupee (PKR) against the dollar, the prices of these motorcycles have been increasing (USD). When the value of the US dollar in Pakistan reached about Rs 151 in mid-2021, all motorcycle manufacturers, including Yamaha, raised their pricing.

Atlas Honda has localized the majority of its bikes, yet its costs continue to rise. Its bikes have also stayed basically unaltered for several years, making such massive price increases implausible.

The government should use this as an opportunity to interfere and fix pricing, as it had intended to do for automakers a few months ago.

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