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ISUZU F Series Truck Price in Pakistan 2023

This blog is all about the latest and new ISUZU F Series Truck Price in Pakistan 2023. Isuzu Pakistan has introduced different models in Pakistan while Isuzu F Series is used to go tough and heavy duty work because of Isuzu Rigid and Isuzu Prime Mover truck included in this series. ISUZU FVR 90 Rigid Truck, ISUZU FTR33K, ISUZU FTR33K Rigid Truck, ISUZU FXZ, ISUZU FVZ, and ISUZU FVR 34. While ISUZU F Series Truck Price in Pakistan 2023 start from PKR 11,000,000 and goes up to PKR 18,500,000 for high end models.

ISUZU F Series Truck Price in Pakistan 2023

The below table shows the latest and new ISUZU F Series Truck Price in Pakistan 2023 with Specifications.

Isuzu FVR90 Rigid Truck210PSPKR 11,000,000
Isuzu FVR90 Prime Mover210PSPKR 11,400,000
Isuzu FVR34 Rigid Truck240PSPKR 12,700,000
Isuzu FVR34 Prime Mover240PSPKR 13,100,000
Isuzu FVZ34 Rigid Truck280PSPKR 15,400,000
Isuzu FVZ34 Prime Mover280PSPKR 15,800,000
Isuzu FXZ60 Rigid Truck360PSPKR 18,100,000
Isuzu FXZ60 Prime Mover360PSPKR 18,500,000
ISUZU F Series Truck Price 2023

Note: Latest Price was updated on 1st November 2022

About Isuzu Pakistan Company

The Ghandhara Industries Limited is a public limited company formed under the Companies Act of 1913 and traded on the stock exchanges (now companies Ordinance, 1984). According to the third schedule of the Companies Act of 2017, Ghandhara Industries Limited is a public interest company. General Motors Overseas Distribution Corporation U.S.A. founded it in Karachi in 1963.

Lt. Gen. M. Habibullah Khan Khattak purchased these facilities from General Motors and changed its name to Ghandhara Industries Limited. In 1972, the Pakistani government nationalized Ghandhara Industries Limited, renaming it National Motors Limited. In 1992 M/s. Under the government’s privatization policy, Bibojee Services (Pvt) ltd. bought it, keeping the name Ghandhara Industries Limited..

ISUZU N Series Price in Pakistan 2023

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The company’s primary business operations are the development, production, and marketing of Isuzu DMAX Pickups, ISUZU Trucks, Bus Chassis, and the creation of Bus and Load bodies. The corporation uses a nationwide dealer network to advertise its products in order to carry out its purpose. Additionally, the organisation represents its principals for additional built-up Products throughout Pakistan.

The business has fueled the local production of engineering items. New models that complement Isuzu products have opened up more employment chances for the company’s internal production facilities as well as for the local suppliers that make Isuzu parts.

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