ISUZU NMR 55 Price and Specifications in Pakistan 2021

ISUZU NMR 55 Price and in Pakistan 2022

This article is all about ISUZU NMR 55 Price and in Pakistan 2022. ISUZU NMR which is also called NMR 55 is a medium-size pickup truck by ISUZU Pakistan.

ISUZU is a leading company in the Truck category in Pakistan. They have a multipurpose truck variety in Pakistan. ISUZU NMR55 is one of them.

ISUZU NMR is an N series truck of ISUZU. It comes in two sizes 10ft and 14ft bed Which is mostly used for medium-size workloads. NMR comes with a 2.8L Engine.

Review by AutoWheels

Here is the review of ISUZU NPR 66 by AutoWheels. Which is also N-Series Truck. If you like make sure to Subscribe to our Channel

ISUZU NMR55 Features

ISUZU is offering amazing features in NMR55.

ISUZU Dealership Network in Pakistan

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NLR55 Applications

These are the different variants of how you can use ISUZU NMR55 for different purposes.

ISUZU NMR 55 Price and Specifications in Pakistan 2021
NMR55 Applications


ISUZU NMR55 has one of the best 2.8L Diesel Engines which produces amazing Power and Torque.



Here are ISUZU NMR55 Specifications. That is the reason people prefer their trucks in Pakistan


ISUZU NPR Price and Specifications in Pakistan


Chassis Dimension

Chassis dimension matter for many people according to their work here is a list of all the dimension

ISUZU NLR 55 Price and Specifications in Pakistan 2021
Chassis Dimension

ISUZU NMR 55 Price and in Pakistan 2022

ISUZU NMR55 prices are changing very frequently due to COVID-19 But here are the latest Prices of ISUZU NMR55 prices.

ISUZU NMR55 (4*2) Truck4,000,000 Pkr

What you think about ISUZU NMR55 let us know in the comments box and give reviews as well.

FAQ about ISUZU NMR 55

Latest ISUZU NMR 55 Price

The latest Price of ISUZU NLR 55 is 4,000,000 in Pakistan

ISUZU NMR 55 Engine

ISUZU NLR 55 has 2.8 L Diesel Engine.

ISUZU NMR 55 Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity is 5300 Kg

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