Forland C10 Price in Pakistan

JW Forland C10 Price in Pakistan

This blog is about JW Forland C10 Price in Pakistan in 2022. C10 is a C series truck offered by Forland which is a Chinese company and working with JW Pakistan. JW Forland C10 price starts from PKR 1,249,000.

FORLAND C10 Among C series, the C10 truck is a newly introduced vehicle by this Pak-China joint venture. Just like the C19, C10 is powerful with a 1-ton capacity, and what’s more, it’s affordable as well.

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This one-of-a-kind petrol pickup is unique in its category since it comes with hydraulic brakes and a reasonable price. It is worth reminding ourselves that Forland has made sure to add all the necessary features in its tracks, not present in its FORLAND competitors despite costing a lot more.

JW Forland C10 Price in Pakistan

Here is JW Forland C10 Price in Pakistan a one-ton truck introduced by JW Forland in Pakistan.

JW Forland C10 Price in PakistanPKR 1,249,000
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Forland C10 Brochure

Here is brochure of Forland C10

Forland C10 Specification

Below are the specifications of the Forland C10 mini truck

Cargo height(mm)320
Cargo length(inner) mm2200
Cargo width (mm)1410
Overall height(mm)1890
Overall length(mm)3860
Overall width(mm)1510
Wheelbase(mm) 2002000
Weight ParametersValues
Curb weight(kb)950
Bore X Stroke(mm)6.5×78
Compression Ratio9.3:1
Emission StandardEuro IV
Fuel TypePetrol
Type“Four-Cylinder four-stroke
Fuel Tank(Litre)40L
Steering Electric Power-Assist
Tire Size 165R13
Clutch(mm)Diaphragm -spring clutch 180×25
Brake Values
FrontDisc Hydraulic Brake
RearDrum Hydraulic Brake
FrontRigid Axle Suspension
RearRigid Axle Suspension

Forland C10 Compitetors

In this segment, Forland C10 has not many competitors except Suzuki Ravi.

FAQ about JW Forland C10

What is the Price of JW Forland C10 in Pakistan 2022?

JW Forland C10 price starts from PKR 1,249,000

What is the fuel average of JW Forland C10 2022?

JW Forland C10 fuel average is 10 to 12 km/L

What is the Top Speed of JW Forland C10?

JW Forland C10 top speed is 110 km/h

What are the variants of JW Forland C10?

JW Forland C10 has only one model

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