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MG Electric Car That Will Cost Less Than Rs. 1 Million

MG Electric Car That Will Cost Less Than Rs. 1 Million

Javed Afridi has grabbed the attention of Pakistani car enthusiasts and the general public yet again with a post about a cheap and smart MG little electric vehicle (EV) that would be perfect for Pakistan for multiple reasons.

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is the result of a joint venture between General Motors and SAIC Motors that was originally introduced in the Chinese market in early 2020. It went on sale in July 2020, after which 160,000 of its units were sold by January 2021.


This EV is a small, lightweight one that is offered with two variants — the base variant with a 9.2 kWh battery pack that allows for a range of 120 km, and a better variant with a 13.8 kWh battery that offers a range of 170 km.

Both variants have the same powertrain option — a 13 kW single electric motor that makes 17.4 hp and 85 Nm of torque.

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The mini EV is incredibly practical as it is loaded with features like ABS brakes, tire pressure monitoring sensors, rear parking sensors, an AC, power windows, a stereo system, 12 storage compartments, and 741 liters of trunk space with the rear seats folded down.

Unfortunately, it lacks airbags, which is a vital safety feature. While it may be argued that several other cars do not have airbags either, it does not justify the lack of airbags in any car.

Its makers insist that it is the first EV that was intended for the use of the masses. In China, its price range starts from $4,162 (PKR 6.3 lac) and tops out at $5,607 (PKR 8.56 lac). Therefore, if it is ever introduced in Pakistan at the same price, it would definitely sell by the thousands.

Javed Afridi is a key stakeholder in MG Pakistan, which is one of the subsidiaries of SAIC Motors. This implies that the launch of the Wuling Mini EV in Pakistan is a possibility, and is certainly something to look forward to.

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