MG HS Price increased up to 850000 Pkr

MG HS Price increased up to 850000 Pkr

A piece of bad news again and again for SUV and Car buyers because MG HS Price increased up to 850000 Pkr in Pakistan during 20021 and 2022 and how this price will be implemented we have discussed it below.

Like others, MG has also announced a three-part price hike:

  • Those who paid in full for delivery in November and December 2021 would be required to pay an extra Rs. 200,000.
  • Those who made partial payments for delivery over the same time period would be required to pay an additional Rs. 500,000.
  • Those who paid in part for deliveries in January 2022 or who placed new orders would be charged an additional Rs. 850,000.

The price revision is as follows:

AmountFull Payment for Nov-Dec 2021 Deliveries (PKR)Partial Payment for Nov-Dec 2021 Deliveries (PKR)Partial Payment for January 2022 Deliveries or New Orders (PKR)
Revised Price (Ex-Factory)5,949,0006,249,0006,599,000
Price List

The price of the MG ZS has also been hiked by Rs. 306,000, bringing it to Rs. 4.44 million, according to the report, however, the firm has yet to formally declare the price hike for its other vehicles.

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The firm, like other automakers, has attributed the price hike to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee versus the US dollar, an increase in freight charges, the cost of transportation owing to high gasoline prices, and high semi-conductor chip costs due to a global shortage.

Despite the fact that the firm has already established a local assembly factory in Lahore, it has only sold HS Completely Built-Up (CBU) units. There is no word on when the firm will start building automobiles in Pakistan.

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