Millat Tractor Price in PakistanTractor Price in Pakistan

Millat Tractors Price List 2022

This blog main focus is all about the latest and new Millat Tractors Price List 2022. Millat Industrial Products is a subsidiary of the Millat Tractors Limited. The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and sales of vehicular, industrial and domestic batteries. There are different variants of Millat Tractors which are Millat MF 240, Millat MF 350, Millat MF 260, Millat MF 360, Millat MF 360 – 4WD, Millat MF 375, Millat MF 375 – 4WD, Millat MF 385, Millat MF 385 4WD, and Millat MF 455 XTRA. While Millat Tractors Price List 2022 start from PKR 1,894,000 and goes up to PKR 3,902,000.

Millat Tractors Price List 2022

The below table shows the latest and new Millat Tractors Price List 2022 with Specifications.

Millat MF 2402500cc, 50HP, 47.5 LitersPKR 1,894,000
Millat MF 3502500cc, 60HP, 47.5 LitersPKR 1,770,000
Millat MF 2602500cc, 60HP, 47.5 LitersPKR 2,185,000
Millat MF 260 (Special Edition)2500cc, 60HP, 47.5 LitersPKR 2,232,000
Millat MF 3602500cc, 60HP, 48 LitersPKR 2,307,000
Millat MF 360 – 4WD2500cc, 60HP, 48 LitersPKR 3,222,000
Millat MF 3754100cc, 75HP, 108 LitersPKR 2,885,000
Millat MF 375 – 4WD4100cc, 75HP, 108 LitersPKR 3,823,000
Millat MF 3854100cc, 85HP, 108 LitersPKR 2,992,000
Millat MF 385 4WD4100cc, 85HP, 108 LitersPKR 3,902,000
Millat Tractors Price Table 2022

Note: Latest Price was updated on 04 March 2023

About Millat Pakistan Company

Millat aspires to establish a large, internationally renowned collection of businesses known for its ability to create a variety of high-caliber products.

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To develop through increasing market and investing in group companies, Millat aspires to be the market leader in agricultural tractors and machinery while maintaining customer and stakeholder satisfaction and upholding our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

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