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Pak Suzuki Increased its Bike Prices 3rd time in 2021

A piece of sad news because Pak Suzuki Increased its Bike Prices 3rd time in 2021 which is due to the fluctuation of Pakistani rupees.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has announced a considerable hike in the prices of its motorbikes, which will take effect on October 5, 2021, following in the footsteps of Atlas Honda and Yamaha. The rates have risen by much to Rs. 12,000.


Suzuki Bikes Latest Prices 2021

The new prices of all Suzuki motorcycles are as follows:

ModelOld Prices (Rs.)Revised Prices (Rs.)Price Increase (Rs.)
GD-110 S186,000194,0008,000
GS-150 SE219,000227,0008,000
SUZUKI Lastest Prices

It is worth noting that Yamaha, which has raised its motorcycle costs four times this year, has recorded a price differential of Rs. 14,000 since January 2021.

PSMC, on the other hand, has raised the cost of its motorcycles three times, totaling Rs. 20,000 rise since the start of the current calendar year. Atlas Honda announced six price increases this year and had the largest price differential of Rs. 23,500 since January 2021.

For several years, most of these motorcycle manufacturers have not made any modifications to their existing bikes and have not introduced any new goods to their range.


ISUZU Truck Price in Pakistan

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However, their repeated price increases persist, placing their products out of reach for the great majority of motorcycle purchasers in Pakistan.

These businesses always blame price increases on fluctuations in the value of the US dollar, but they remain silent when the local currency is stable.

Suzuki GR 150

The media and the general public have repeatedly urged the government to put a halt to the unwarranted price increases, but the administration has yet to act.

What you think about these price hikes let us know in the comments box

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