Suzuki Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices in December 2021

After Yamaha now Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices in December 2021 which is such a piece of bad news for new buyers. The price of Suzuki bikes increased up to 8000 Pkr.

Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices in December 2021

The new prices of all the Suzuki motorcycles are:

ModelOld Prices (Rs.)Revised Prices (Rs.)Price Increase (Rs.)
GD-110 S194,000199,0005,000
GS-150 SE227,000232,0005,000
Price List

The PSMC has raised the costs of its motorbikes for the fourth time this year, with an increase of up to Rs. 28,000 since the beginning of the 2021 calendar year. Except for minor aesthetic modifications in the GD-110 S, the updated pricing is unaffected by improvements in existing goods.

YAMAHA Bike Prices Increased 5th time in 2021

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A top motorcycle trader informed the media a few months ago that bike prices are rising owing to rising production expenses, and that raw material prices alone had grown tremendously.

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