Prince Pearl Car Price in Pakistan 2022

This blog is all about the latest Prince Pearl Car Price in Pakistan 2022. Also, We will discuss DFSK Prince Pearl 2022 Exterior, Interior, Specification, and Features as well. Prince Pearl is an 800cc hatchback that was launched in 2019 by Prince Motors which is a Chines company that manufactures bikes in Pakistan as well.

Prince Pearl Car Price in Pakistan 2022

Below is the latest Prince Pearl Car Price in Pakistan 2022. DFSK Prince Pearl is an 800cc hatchback car with a three-cylinder engine.

DFSK Prince Pearl 2022800cc, M/TPKR 1,534,000
Price Pearl Price 2022

About Prince Pearl 2022

Regal Automobiles introduced the Prince Pearl hatchback in Pakistan in 2019. Prince Pearl is a three-cylinder, front-wheel-drive automobile with a 796cc engine producing 40 horsepower at 5500 RPM and 60.5 Nm torque at 3500 RPM with water-cooled EFI.

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LCD Screen, Spare Tyre, Fog Lamps, Optional Airbag, Power Windows, Power Steering, Power Door Locks, and a 3-year or 60,000-kilometer guarantee are some of the highlights of Prince Pearl 2022.

Prince Pearl 2022 Exterior

With an increased front bumper and a wide-shaped black grill, Prince Pearl 2022 exterior offers a superb athletic appeal. The front bumper is attractive and is supposed to have fog lights, which is an excellent feature in this price range. Daytime running lights are included in the front halogen headlamp assembly (DRLs).

The vehicle’s luxurious appearance and feel are enhanced by the large chrome grille on the front. It also has 13-inch alloy rims, which add to the overall sleek appearance. The new hatchback sports disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back.

Prince Pearl’s back end is reminiscent of the Suzuki Cultus. The rear brake lamp is located on the top of the boot, while reflectors are located on the back bumper. The rear lights are likewise similar to those on the Suzuki Cultus and are of decent quality.

The boot of the car is totally automated, opening instantaneously when a button near the steering wheel is pressed. Prince Pearl is equipped with a spare tire in the boot, as is customary in the area.

Prince Pearl 2022 Interior

Prince Pearl 2022 has a plush interior with fabric-wrapped seats. A wooden touch may be seen on the two-spoke polyurethane steering wheel. The steering system is powered by an electric motor. The instrument cluster is located behind the steering wheel and has a digital tachometer, trip meter, gear indicator, temperature gauge, and fuel gauge.

The air conditioner in the automobile is controlled via toggle switches. A 9-inch Android touch screen LCD with radio, Bluetooth, MP3 capability, a USB connector, and an AUX wire is located in the center fascia. A satisfying acoustic experience is provided by two speakers in the front doors. Power windows and evening button lighting are included in the four-seater vehicle.

Prince Pearl 2022 Specifications

Below are the specifications of Prince Pearl 2022

Prince Pearl 2022 Competitors

Prince Pearl has very few competitors in this segment except United Bravo 2022, Suzuki Mehran, and Suzuki Alto 2022 are the main opponent of Prince Pearl people prefer Suzuki Alto 2022 due to its better fuel average and comfort level also build quality is a bit better than Prince Pearl 2022.

FAQ about Prince Pearl

What is the price of Prince Pearl car in Pakistan 2022?

The price of Prince Pearl car in Pakistan 2022 is PKR 1,534,000.

Is Prince Pearl 2022 automatic?

No, Prince Pearl 2022 is a car with manual transmission.

How to book a Prince Pearl car in Pakistan 2022?

For booking of Prince Peal car in Pakistan, visit any authorized dealership store of Prince-DFSK or our main office in Lahore or Karachi. For more information contact at +92 314 2 888 222 or write to at

What is the engine size of Prince Pearl 2022?

Prine Pearl 2022 comes with an 800cc engine

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