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Shahid Anwar Ordered “Ghreebo” Number Plate For His Car

Social media influencer Shahid Anwar has shared a video on his TikTok channel sharing the new number plate for his car, Mercedes G-Wagon. In the video, he showed the screenshot of his new car plate, reading “Ghrebo” registered in the US state of Virginia. Here is the video:

The self-described entrepreneur has only recently uploaded the video without providing any other information. Anwar is well-known on social media, particularly on TikTok, for his films that ridicule his viewers by calling them “Ghreebo” while showcasing his opulent lifestyle, including his vehicles and mansion. He was reportedly banned from TikTok in December 2022 for using derogatory language, but it now appears that he has returned to the video-sharing website.

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Anwar not only demonstrates his way of living but also provides a “course” on how to get wealthy quickly. Despite the fact that there is no hard proof that his “course” is effective for anyone. Additionally, he is not the only one; on social media, there are other other “gurus” offering similar “courses” and methods.

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