YAMAHA Bike Prices Increased 5th time in 2021

YAMAHA Bike Prices Increased 5th time in 2021

Bad news for bike users because YAMAHA Bike Prices Increased 5th time in 2021. This increase in prices will put an extra burden on buyers and it’s 5th time Yamaha Pakistan increased its bike prices in 2021.

The prices have increased by up to Rs. 7,000 and will take effect on December 1, 2021.

YAMAHA Bike Prices in 2021

MotorcyclesCurrent Price (PKR)Revised Price (PKR)Price Increase (PKR)
YB 125 Z184,000190,0006,000
YB 125 Z DX198,500205,5007,000
YBR 125204,000211,0007,000
YBR 125 G213,500220,5007,000
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During the previous two years, motorcycle manufacturers have not missed a single chance to raise their prices, claiming factors such as rising raw material costs and currency volatility versus the US dollar as justifications for the increases.

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Yamaha has raised the pricing of its entire product range for the fifth time this year. Yamaha, in particular, has seen massive price increases, with prices increasing by up to Rs. 30,500 between January 2021 and the present.

With the end of 2021 approaching, the recent price increase from Yamaha is expected to spark another wave of price increases from other bike manufacturers, regardless of any substantial changes in the market.

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