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Proton Car Price in Pakistan 2023 (September Update)

This blog is all about the latest Al-Haj Proton Car Price in Pakistan 2023. Proton is a Malaysia-based company that is operating in Pakistan with the collaboration of Al-Haj Pakistan. Proton has launched its two models in Pakistan till 2023 which are the 2023 Proton Saga and the 2023 Proton X70. While Proton Car price in Pakistan 2023 range from PKR 3,749,000 to PKR 9,299,000 depending on which model and variant you buy.

Proton Car Price in Pakistan 2023

Below is the latest list of Proton Car price in Pakistan 2023 including both the 2023 Proton Saga and 2023 Proton X70.

Proton Saga Standard 1299 cc, Manual, PetrolPKR 3,749,000
Proton Saga Standard 1299 cc, Automatic, PetrolPKR 3,949,000
Proton Saga Ace1299 cc, Automatic, PetrolPKR 4,099,000
Proton X70 Executive AWD1470 cc, Automatic, PetrolPKR 8,799,000
Proton X70 Premium FWD1477 cc, Automatic, PetrolPKR 9,299,000
Proton Car 2023 Price in Pakistan

Note: Latest Price was updated on 01 September 2023

About Proton Company

Proton’s origins began in 1983 when the firm was created to the desire of the country’s prime minister to create a national automobile. Today, Proton is not only a household name in Malaysia’s automotive sector, but it is also gaining traction in a number of other nations, including Pakistan.

Since 2019, Al-Haj Automotive Private Limited has been constructing the first-ever Proton vehicle manufacturing factory in Karachi. Once the facility is up and running, Al-Haj Group will import Proton automobile parts, assemble the cars locally, and sell them at Pakistani dealerships alongside other local vehicles.

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In Pakistan, the price of a new Proton Saga ranges from PKR 3,749,000 to PKR 9,299,000 for a new Proton X70. Proton stores in Pakistan are now stocking two new automobile types.

Which Proton model do you like the most let us know in the comments box below!

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