Distinguishing Features of Corolla Cross HEV’s Two Variants

In the following blog we will be Distinguishing Features of Corolla Cross HEV’s Two Variants. Toyota Pakistan has disclosed specifications, features, pricing, photos, and booking particulars for its inaugural domestically produced hybrid electric CSUV, the Corolla Cross. Our focus is to provide comprehensive details about the vehicle. Two variants were unveiled: the Cross 1.8HEV X (top) and the Cross 1.8 HEV (base), allowing us to highlight the variations between these two models.

Exterior Differences

In the top variant (Cross 1.8HEV X), the presence of an X Auto Rain Sensor with Windshield wiper control distinguishes it, which the base variant (Cross 1.8 HEV) lacks. Moreover, the X variant offers a black roof rail, absent in the base model.

Functional Features

The top variant boasts a powered luggage carrier with a kick sensor, a feature not available in the base variant, which only includes an electric lock.

Interior Distinctions

The rearview mirror in the top variant utilizes electrochromic technology with sensors to detect approaching vehicle headlights, enabling automatic dimming. On the other hand, the base model includes a day and night rearview mirror, adjustable to reduce brightness from headlights behind the vehicle.

The higher-tier variant (X) includes additional illuminated features in the glove box, cup holder, front door, and instrument panel tray. Additionally, it offers dome lamps, while the base version has personal lamps.

There’s a discrepancy in the Multi Info Display (MID) size, with the X variant having a larger 7-inch colored display compared to the base variant’s 4.2-inch version. Similarly, the Infotainment system in the top variant measures 9 inches, whereas the base model is equipped with a 7-inch system. Moreover, the base variant lacks a moonroof.

Seating Comfort and Adjustments

Notably, the top variant offers powered front seat slide and recline adjustments for the driver, whereas the passenger seat remains manual. Additionally, the X variant provides a powered driving seat height adjuster, contrasting with the base variant’s manual adjustments.

The rear armrest material differs, being PVC with a slide in the X variant and fabric in the base model. Furthermore, the HEV X variant sports leather seats, while the base version offers fabric seats.

Distinct Safety Features

In terms of safety, the HEV X variant incorporates additional safety elements such as the Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), setting it apart from the base variant, which shares the rest of its safety features with the top model.

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