Changan motors revides car prices

Changan Suspend Car Prices after Government Involvement

Few days ago, Chanagan Master Motor increased its vehicle prices including Changan Karwaan Plus and Changan Alsvin.

But the government came into action and asked the company to hold the increased price and give us the reason behind that.

Due to the government involvement Changan Motors suspended the hike of price and revised it to previous price.

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Changan Motors came into action and informed the public by a statement showing below and they are also explaining the reason behind that.

According to the company the hike in price is due to the high freight charges which has increased from $800 to $4000.

They are also appealing to the government to reduce freight charges and offer operational relief.

Company also mentioned that the delivery of the previous booking will be continued as per the routine. Changan has not informed about the future prediction and upcoming bookings.

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A few months before government also relief the end consumer by waiving of tax up to 7% on vehicles which decrease the car prices up to 150,000 rupees.

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