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Launch of Electric Rickshaws in Lahore

Under the visionary guidance of Secretary Transport Ahmed Javaid Qazi, the Punjab government made a significant stride in transportation by making the Launch of Electric Rickshaws in Lahore. During a meeting at the transport secretariat, the spotlight was on the much-anticipated introduction of electric rickshaws. These environmentally friendly vehicles emerged from a collaboration between the Transport Department and a local private company, signaling a move towards sustainability.

Joint Effort Unveils Electric Rickshaws

The meeting served as a platform to reveal the result of the partnership—a fleet of electric rickshaws aimed at transforming urban commuting. Secretary Ahmed Javaid Qazi, joined by experts, meticulously inspected these vehicles, ensuring they met stringent performance and safety standards.

Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility

Secretary Ahmed Javaid Qazi highlighted the potential environmental impact of these electric rickshaws. By curbing both air and noise pollution, these vehicles represent a significant step toward a greener, more sustainable future for Lahore’s transportation system.

Empowerment for Rickshaw Drivers

A key benefit for the drivers of these electric rickshaws is their extended range on a single charge. In an era of volatile fuel prices, drivers can now cover up to 150 kilometers on a charge, providing a practical and cost-effective solution for their livelihoods.

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