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Yamaha Unveils YB125Z-DX: Featuring Fresh Stickers and Surprising Pricing

Several weeks after implementing a price hike of Rs. 17,000, Yamaha The Yamaha Unveils YB125Z-DX: Featuring Fresh Stickers and Surprising Pricing. Despite the increased price tag now set at Rs. 440,500, this “fresh model” brings no substantial enhancements apart from updated stickers. The revamped Yamaha YB125Z-DX is currently presented in metallic gray, red, and black variants. Regrettably, Yamaha has persistently adhered to a pattern of releasing new editions that feature minimal alterations, typically limited to new decals, minor improvements, and a consequent price bump. Despite encountering widespread disapproval from motorcycle enthusiasts, Yamaha seems resolute in its commitment to maintaining its existing approach, showing no intention of making significant changes. Similarly, the company had recently introduced the YBR125G, which unsurprisingly amounted to little more than a new coat of paint and a handful of minor upgrades.

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