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Forland Truck Price in Pakistan 2022

This article is all about the latest and new JW Forland Truck Price in Pakistan 2022. Forland which is a Chinese company working with JW Pakistan. JW Forland is offering different models in Pakistan according to the need of user which is small to medium and large truck. There are different models which are JW Forland C10, JW Forland C19, JW Forland T5, JW Forland C10, JW Forland C311, JW Forland C314, JW Forland CX17, and JW Forland C717. While Forland Truck Price in Pakistan 2022 start from PKR 1,589,000 and goes up to PKR 5,099,000.

Forland Truck Price in Pakistan 2022

The below table shows the latest and new JJW Forland Truck Price in Pakistan 2022 with Specifications.

Forland C10 (Without Deck/Audio/Heater & Blowers)1000cc, 61HP, 7ftPKR 1,589,000
Forland C10 (Without Heater & Blowers)1000cc, 61HP, 7ftPKR 1,659,000
Forland C10 (Full Option)1000cc, 61HP, 7ftPKR 1,699,000
Forland C191809cc, 39HP, 9.2ftPKR 2,139,000
Forland T52087cc, 47HP, 10.2ftPKR 2,599,000
Forland C311 NT2771cc, 77.5HP, 11ftPKR 3,379,000
Forland C311 T2771cc, 77.5HP, 11ftPKR 3,739,000
Forland C3142771cc, 77.5HP, 14ftPKR 3,479,000
Forland C-X174214cc, 130HP, Deck LessPKR 5,099,000
Forland C7174214cc, 130HP, 17ftPKR 4,899,000
Forland Truck Price Table

About JW Forland Company

JW Forland is a joint venture between JW SEZ and Changsha Foton Motor Co., Ltd. The signing ceremony of this joint venture took place on 22nd December, 2016. Both the parties are very excited to bring out the excellent output as a result of this joint venture.

This joint venture will not only benefit our economy but also strengthen the relation of two nations. The arrival of JW Forland is sure to inject much-needed energy and competition to the current trucking segment in the country.

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