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JW Forland C314 Price in Pakistan 2022

This blog is about the latest and new JW Forland C314 Price in Pakistan 2022. JW Forland C314 is a C series truck offered by Forland which is a Chinese company working with JW Pakistan. JW Forland is offering different models in Pakistan according to the need of user which is small to medium and large truck. JW Forland C314 is equipped with 2771cc engine and manual gear transmission. While JW Forland C314 Price in Pakistan 2022 start from PKR 3,479,000 for new one.

JW Forland C314 Price in Pakistan 2022

The below table shows the latest and new JW Forland C314 Price in Pakistan 2022 with Specifications.

JW Forland C314 2022 (NT & without Deck)2771cc, M/T, 3500KGPKR 3,479,000
JW Forland C314 2022 Price Table

Note: Latest Price was updated on 1st September 2022

NT: Non Turbo

About JW Forland C314

Then comes JW Forland extended C314 truck with all the features of C311. plus an extended deck of 14 feet and added groundwork for more weightlifting capacity up to 3.5 tons. All our trucks for sale in Pakistan including the C314 come with economical engines.

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The hydraulic power steering takes charge of your handling on tough Pakistani roads making it the best commercial truck in Pakistan. Check the other models below as well.

In light-duty truck and C-Series JW Forland offer three model

  • JW Forland C311 Non Turbo
  • JW Forland C311 Turbo
  • JW Forland C314

Forland C314 Specification

Below are the specifications of the Forland C314 mini truck

Cargo height(mm)360
Cargo length(inner) mm4230
Cargo width (mm)1900
Ground Clearance200
Overall height(mm)2315
Overall length(mm)6080
Overall width(mm)2020
Turning Radius(mm)7.3
Wheelbase(mm) 2003360
Weight ParametersValues
Curb weight(kb)2710
Front Axle(kg)2000
Rear Axle(kg)5000
Bore X Stroke(mm)93×102
Compression Ratio18.2:1
Emission StandardEuro I
Fuel TypeDiesel
Fuel Tank(Litre)100
Maximum Speed(km/h)95
SteeringRecirculating ball type
Tire Size 6.50R16(rear double)
Clutch(mm)Diaphragm -spring clutch 240
Driven System5 Speed
Gear RatioI: 5.595 II: 2.484 III: 1.691 IV: 1.000 V: 0.794 R: 5.347
Brake SystemValues
FrontHydraulic Drum Brake
RearHydraulic Drum Brake
FrontRigid Axle Suspension
RearRigid Axle Suspension

Forland C314 Competitors

In this segment, Forland C314 has many competitors like JAC X200, Hyundai H100, ISUZU NKR, Master Foton 2.8L, and ISUZU NHR

FAQ about Forland C314

What is the Price of JW Forland C314 in Pakistan 2022?

JW Forland C314 price in Pakistan starts from PKR 3,479,000.

What is the fuel average of JW Forland C314 2022?

JW Forland C314 fuel average is 10 to 12 km/L.

What is the Top Speed of JW Forland C314?

JW Forland C314 top speed is 100 km/h.

What are the variants of JW Forland C314?

JW Forland C314 has only one model offered by the company.

What is the deck size of the JW Forland C314?

JW Forland C314 deck size is 14 feet.

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