Honda Bike Prices Increase 6th time in 2021

Honda Bike Prices Increase 6th time in 2021

The dollar is not in stable condition so after Yamaha, Honda Bike Prices Increase 6th time in 2021 Pakistan which is sad news for bike lovers and buyers.

Gain from its unjustified price practice, Atlas Honda has decided to announce an increase in bicycle prices for the sixth time this year. Prices have been increased until Rs. 6,500 and would be defined to come into force on October 1, 2021.

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Below is a list of new Honda Bikes Prices

BikesOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Price Increase (Rs.)
CD 7086,90090,9004,000
CD  70 Dream93,50097,5004,000
Honda Pridor120,500125,5005,000
CG 125142,500147,5005,000
CG 125 SE170,500177,0006,500
CB 125 F205,500212,0006,500
CB 150 F260,500267,0006,500
CB 150 F SE264,500271,0006,500
Honda Bike Price List

Atlas Honda has increased the prices of its motorcycles several times this year, adding to Rs. 23,500 in just 2021, which is surprisingly high, regardless of the problems of the current supply chain.

Atlas Honda is the most important and most profitable motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, with a large number of resources at its disposal. It assembles motorcycles locally for three decades, building the same old basic motorcycles with some revisions to date.

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The company has located most parts of its motorcycles, but it still continues to increase the prices of its unrated bikes. The recent price increase placed the most basic bikes beyond Pakistani’s purchasing power.

This should be a tail for the government to intervene and resolve prices because they plan to do for carmakers there are some months.

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