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Toyota Corolla X 1.6 Special Edition Booking, Price and Specifications

This article is all about the newly launched Toyota Corolla X 1.6 Special Edition Booking, Price, and Specifications of the car.

So finally Toyota Indust Motor has decided to launch Toyota Corolla X 1.6 Special Edition in Pakistan it’s looking like Toyota does not have any other model to launch.


Toyota will invest $100 million in Pakistan

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Toyota Indus Motor Motor Company is known for offering various levels of trim for its vehicles, including several rare special editions (SE) too.

The reliable source of the market has notified that the company plans to launch a variant of the SE TOYOTA COROLLA X 1.6 in the Pakistani market.

Toyota Corolla X 1.6 Features

The SE variant of Corolla X 1.6 will have all the Corolla 1.8 Altis Grande features, including

  • Automatic climate control
  • LED projection lights
  • Push-start buttons
  • Sunroof
  • Cruise control

Corolla X 1.6 Price

According to sources, Corolla X 1.6 SE will be available in the estimated RS price tag to the public at 3.6 million, meaning that it will be given a price equal to the initial price of Corolla X 1.8L.


Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) seems to intend to influence the second Honda Civic buyer and Honda City towards Corolla X 1.6 SE by offering a slightly better value in terms of price and features.

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The company is reported to launch the SE Trim level to commemorate the 50 million global sales of Toyota Corolla to date, which cement the position of the vehicle as one of the most popular family cars in the world.

What you think about Toyota Corolla X 1.6 SE let us know in the comments box below.

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