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Lahore Implements Measures to Restrict Entry of Smoke-Emitting Vehicles

The Punjab government, in its ongoing efforts to combat the rising smog levels in Lahore, has initiated a ban on the entry of vehicles emitting smoke and those equipped with pressure horns. This decision, which went into effect on October 11, was made under the directives of the Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and Inspector General of Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency.

To ensure the effectiveness of this initiative, IG Punjab has instructed that certificates be issued for any vehicles found to be unfit, and motor vehicle examiners will be summoned when necessary.

Additionally, to address the smog issue in the provincial capital, section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code has been imposed, prohibiting the burning of stubble in agricultural fields across all districts in the Lahore division. Furthermore, the entry of tractor-trolleys carrying sand and other materials without proper covering into Lahore has also been barred.

In another attempt to alleviate the smog problem, the district administration has introduced strict measures. If approved by the government, schools, markets, and factories will remain closed every Wednesday, and government departments are recommended to operate with only half their regular workforce.

Concurrently, the Rawalpindi City Traffic Police has announced a crackdown on vehicles emitting harmful smoke, banning their entry into the city and imposing substantial fines on offenders.

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