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Highway Authority Unveils Significant Increase in Penalties

In a bid to bolster road safety measures, the National Highway Authority Unveils Significant Increase in Penalties for various traffic rule violations. Effective from January 1, these heightened penalties aim to deter reckless driving behaviors and foster safer road conditions.

Crackdown on Specific Offenses

One significant amendment involves the increased penalties for the use of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights on roads under NHMP’s jurisdiction. Previously set at Rs. 300, the fine has surged to Rs. 2,000, signaling a considerable increase of Rs. 1,700. This emphasizes the authorities’ commitment to eliminating practices that jeopardize road safety, specifically addressing the issue of blinding headlights.

Hefty Penalties for Specific Violations

Motorcyclists engaging in risky activities, like performing stunts, will now face a substantial fine of Rs. 5,000, a significant jump from the earlier Rs. 300 penalty. Similarly, the fine for driving without a helmet has been increased to Rs. 1,000 from Rs. 200, highlighting the critical importance of protective gear for two-wheeler riders.

Stricter Measures Against Overcrowding

Passenger vehicles exceeding the designated passenger limit will incur a steeper penalty of Rs. 5,000, compared to the prior Rs. 1,500 fine. This stringent approach aims to discourage overcrowded vehicles, which pose significant risks to passengers and other road users.

Emphasis on Speed Limit Compliance

Fines for over-speeding have also seen an escalation: motorcycles face a Rs. 1,500 penalty, cars at Rs. 2,500, passenger vehicles at Rs. 10,000, and Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTVs) at Rs. 5,000. These increased fines serve as a stern reminder to all road users about the repercussions of breaching speed limits, underscoring NHMP’s dedication to reducing accidents and ensuring a safer road environment.

As these revised fines take effect, it is crucial for all motorists to acquaint themselves with the updated regulations. This awareness will aid in avoiding penalties and contribute to the collective endeavor of establishing a secure and orderly traffic system on national highways and motorways.

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