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Punjab Transporters Slash Fares by Up to 10% Amid Changes

Following the caretaker administration’s choice to decrease the petrol price by Rs. 14 per liter, transport operators have decided to reduce passenger fares. This action is intended to ease the financial strain on the public and make transportation services more economical. As per the Punjab Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary, transporters have adjusted their fares in accordance with the recent Rs. 14 per liter drop in petrol prices. Here are the updated reduced fares from Lahore to several major cities across the country:

CityReduced Fare
QuettaRS 200
MuzaffargarhRS 250
Fort AbbasRS 100
KarachiRS 200
IslamabadRS 80
LayyahRS 100
BahawalpurRS 100
PeshawarRS 100
MultanRS 200
Reduced Fare

Previously, the interim Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, directed Deputy Commissioners throughout the province to guarantee a decrease in fares for inter-city transportation. Additionally, he mandated strict enforcement against individuals or entities failing to adhere to the government’s instructions.

It’s important to highlight that over the past three months, there has been a reduction in petrol and diesel prices by Rs. 64.04 and Rs. 52.99 per liter, respectively.

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