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Suzuki Every is Replacing Bolan very Soon

This article is all about the rumor about Suzuki Every is Replacing Bolan very Soon in Pakistan. Sources have confirmed that the company’s upcoming launch would probably be a CKD EVERY. Since the project is in the research phase, there is no final plan. It may arrive at the end of 2023 or the first half of 2024. Again, we investigated the news, and our reliable sources have called it a “rumor.”

According to other sources, it is impossible to predict when a new car will hit the market when the State Bank of Pakistan has halted LCs and the current state of the economy has made it difficult to produce even existing automobiles.

Suzuki Car Price in Pakistan 2023

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Earlier at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAS), the firm authorities announced that the company would introduce the car would be released in the third quarter of 2023, but economic stress has changed the fortunes. It is crucial to clarify that 11-generation EVERY is a CBU unit sold in the nation whereas the CKD is on the cards.

An organisation representative informed this reporter at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) that PSMC will debut the new Every in Pakistan in a few months but did not provide a specific date.

Bolan’s AC was also dropped by PSMC. variation lately, which sparked rumors that the business would be retiring the old van to introduce the new one.

Despite being over a decade older than Bolan, the 11th generation Every seems and feels considerably more modern. In comparison to Bolan, it boasts a 660cc petrol engine with electronic fuel injection that produces higher power and has superior fuel efficiency.

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