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Toyota Prius Clinches Car of the Year 2023-24 Title

The judging panel in Japan recently crowned the Toyota Prius Clinches Car of the Year 2023-24 Title, marking its third win, a testament to the concept of reinvention leading to success.

From Retirement to Victory

Initially considered for retirement by former Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, the Prius, a pioneering gasoline hybrid, took an unforeseen turn when product planners and engineers set out to reimagine its design and powertrain, resulting in the most aesthetically appealing and high-performing Prius to date.

Enhanced Performance

The Prius’s radical redesign and improved performance not only impressed Japan’s judging panel but also garnered acclaim from U.S. and European media. Its reinvention has significantly elevated its status in the competitive automotive realm.

Innovative Powertrain

The Prius secured its victory with an overwhelming 360 votes, showcasing its innovative edge. Featuring three powertrains in one chassis—gasoline, diesel mild hybrid, and fully electric—the Prius demonstrated exceptional handling, fuel efficiency, and an unmatched level of performance.

Runners-Up and Competition

In a closely contested race, the BMW X1 claimed second place, earning the Import Car of the Year accolade for its remarkable handling and versatile powertrain options. The Honda ZR-V crossover secured the third position with 100 votes, underscoring the competitiveness of this year’s Car of the Year awards.

Japan Car of the Year Awards

Celebrating its 44th year, the Japan Car of the Year awards involved 39 influential automotive and lifestyle publications represented by 60 jurors. These jurors meticulously voted on the “10 Best” cars for 2023, conducting evaluations at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway near Tokyo.

Special Awards

In the special awards categories, the 660cc Mitsubishi Delica Mini kei-car received the Design Car of the Year recognition. Meanwhile, the Nissan Serena was honored with the Technology Car of the Year award for its groundbreaking e-Power system and Pro-Pilot 2.0 driver assist system.

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