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Two Additional Resignations from Proton Pakistan Dealerships

Two auto dealerships left Proton Pakistan last month, claiming professional disputes. The protests against Al-Haj Automotive, Proton’s local partner, appear to be ongoing. Initially, customers who hadn’t received their X70s protested; then, these dealerships resigned; and now, two more dealerships have followed suit. Our sources and market reports indicate that two dealerships—one in Lahore and one in Islamabad—have chosen to cut ties with the automaker.

Reasons of Resignation

Defence Motors, a dealership with headquarters in Lahore, informed the business in a letter that their partnership with Proton Pakistan had ended. This information has been made public for the benefit of all parties involved. Therefore, all warranty claims that are currently being resolved or in the future that are still pending refund claims or car deliveries as well as all other incidental matters will be handled directly with Al-Haj Automotive, the letter stated.

The second Islamabad-based dealership, Ittehad Motors, has given several justifications for ending its collaboration with Al-Haj Automotive in the meantime. According to specifics, the main drivers for this decision include the lack of information on delivery dates for automobiles reserved as far out as 2020, recurrent price revisions despite late deliveries, and price revisions even after receiving full client payments. The dealership additionally noted that Al-Haj Automotive consistently delayed the encashment of refund cheques.

The letter also stated that delays in Proton automobile after-sales services were brought on by the company’s inability to supply components and lubricants. The letter ended, “Based on all information, we have decided to resign from our position as a Proton Pakistan authorized dealership.

Proton announced the start of manufacturing following the consumer protest from the previous month and the departure of two dealerships. Consumers are still waiting for their cars or the cashing of their checks, therefore it might already be too late.
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