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Caretaker Punjab CM Mohsin Naqvi Rejects Proposed Fare Hike for Metro and Speedo Buses

In a move to alleviate the burden of inflation, Caretaker Punjab CM Mohsin Naqvi Rejects Proposed Fare Hike for Metro and Speedo Buses. During a Punjab Mass Transit Authority meeting, CM Naqvi urged officials to explore alternative revenue generation methods to prevent further financial strain on the public.

World Bank-Funded Electric Bus Service

The meeting discussed the introduction of a World Bank-funded electric bus service from Lahore Railway Station to Green Town, with plans to operate 27 electric buses as part of the pilot project.

Electric Buses for Pakistan Metrobus System

Deliberations also centered around the incorporation of electric buses into the Pakistan Metrobus System in Islamabad-Rawalpindi. The CM instructed the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps to implement this initiative.

Addressing Staff Shortages and Maintenance

CM Naqvi emphasized the need to resolve staff shortages at the Punjab Mass Transit Authority and instructed officials to prioritize the repair and maintenance of metro bus tracks in the twin cities.

Government’s Commitment to Quality Transportation Services

CM Naqvi reiterated the government’s commitment to providing secure and high-quality transportation services. According to the transport secretary, the Orange Line Metro Train serves approximately 25,000 students daily.

Free Travel for Senior Citizens and Students

The provincial government recently announced free travel for senior citizens and students using the Orange Line Metro Train, Metro Bus Service, and Speedo Bus Service.

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