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Changan Decreased its Car Price in August 2022

This blog is all about that finally Changan Decreased its Car Price in August 2022. Because of inflation rate all companies increased their car prices in 01 August 2022 and now when rupees is in better condition all automaker Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki are decreasing prices but not with the same rate when they increased them. Below is the latest prices and different in prices if you want to know the price history then click and see all Changan model prices individually.

Changan Decreased its Car Price in August 2022

The below table shows the latest and new Latest Changan Car Price in 2022 for its all models.

VariantsOld Prices Latest PricesDifference
Changan Oshan X7 ComfortPKR 7,449,000PKR 7,049,000PKR 400,000
Changan Oshan X7 FutureSensePKR 7,749,000PKR 7,549,000PKR 200,000
Changan Karvaan StandardPKR 2,469,000PKR 2,419,000PKR 50,000
Changan Karvaan PlusPKR 2,619,000PKR 2,569,000PKR 50,000
Changan Latest Prices Table

It’s interesting that the price reductions follow the government’s announcement to loosen import restrictions on CKD. It’s important to note that MCML didn’t reduce the price of its best-selling vehicle since Alsvin price rise was far lower than that of the Honda City and Toyota Yaris.

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