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Atlas Honda Launches Debut Electric Scooter in Pakistan

Atlas Honda Launches Debut Electric Scooter in Pakistan made a surprising entry into the electric vehicle realm. During a ceremony held in Sheikhupura, the company introduced its new two-wheeler, the Honda BENLY e. The scooter boasts a stylish design, marking what Atlas Honda calls a new phase in transportation, where innovation meets sustainability.

This move positions Atlas Honda as the first among the prominent Big 3 to introduce an e-scooter. Notably, several other companies, including Yadea, Metro, and Road Prince, have already ventured into the electric scooter market. This development comes against the backdrop of soaring petrol prices and increased bike costs in Pakistan, where electric bikes are seen as more budget-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

International specifications and features of the Honda BENLY e include an 87-kilometer range, 180-minute charge time, and a top speed of up to 45 kilometers/hour. However, specific details for the Pakistan market remain undisclosed by Atlas Honda. According to Honda bike dealers, the bike showcased at the event is merely a sample hinting at the type of e-scooter the company plans to launch locally, although the timeline for its release remains uncertain.

As of now, no official launch date has been announced for the Honda electric scooter in Pakistan. Updates regarding the release are pending from the company, and further information will be shared once available.

The introduction of an e-scooter by Honda in Pakistan holds significant importance within the bike segment, given the trust consumers place in the Big 3 compared to newer market entrants. It also signifies a serious commitment from major companies towards embracing electric scooters and bikes in Pakistan.

What are your thoughts on the unveiling of the Honda electric scooter? Share your expectations and opinions regarding the Honda BENLY e in the comments section below

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