Prince DFSK Price in Pakistan 2022

Prince DFSK Price in Pakistan 2022

This blog is all about Prince DFSK Price in Pakistan 2022 which includes the latest DFSK Glory 580 Pro price in Pakistan 2022 which is one of the most famous models. Also, the latest DFSK Prince Pearl price in Pakistan 2022 is mentioned below.

Prince DFSK Price in Pakistan 2022

Here is the latest Prince DFSK Price in Pakistan 2022 including all famous models Glory 580 Pro, Prince Pearl 800cc Price, Prince C37, and much more.

ModelsSpecificationsOld PricesNew Prices
DFSK Prince Pearl 800cc, M/TPKR 1,334,000PKR 1,534,000
DFSK Prince K01 Mini Truck1000cc, M/TPKR 1,469,000No Change
DFSK Prince K07 Mini-Van1000cc, M/TPKR 1,749,000PKR 2,039,000
DFSK Prince C37 Megavan1500cc, M/TPKR 2,899,000No Change
DFSK Prince Glory 580 Turbo1500cc, CVTPKR 4,649,000PKR 5,009,000
DFSK Prince Glory 580 Turbo1800cc, CVTPKR 4,800,000PKR 5,160,000
DFSK Prince Glory 580 Pro1500cc, CVTPKR 5,040,000PKR 5,400,000
DFSK Prince Price List 20200

Note: Latest Prices are updated on 21 April 2022

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About DFSK Prince

Regal Automobiles Industries Limited was founded in 2017 as a technological partnership between DFSK (Dong Feng Sokon), China’s largest and most well-known brand, and RP Group, one of Pakistan’s most well-known commercial conglomerates, to manufacture and market PRINCE cars in Pakistan. Currently, we provide a comprehensive selection of light commercial, passenger, and SUV vehicles to our customers, as well as full after-sales and technical assistance.

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Under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-2021, Regal Automobiles Industries Limited (RAIL) is the first firm to be granted Green Field status. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an ED paint facility that guarantees world-class precision via the use of cutting-edge production procedures. RAIL’s production plant is located on a 26-acre location in Manga Mandi, Lahore, on Multan Road. The items are distributed to end consumers across the country through a robust network of 19 independent 3S Dealerships.

There are more than 200 people working for the company. It devotes significant resources to educating team members and management personnel, as well as to cultivating a culture of high-performing, empowered teams that collaborate seamlessly across processes in the pursuit of quality and continuous improvement. According to the Company’s basic principles, RAIL workers are encouraged to strive for high levels of corporate ethics and safety.

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Since our start two years ago, we have sold over 2000 light commercial vehicles and micro vans. We are also members of the Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Scheme and the Bank of Punjab (BOP) and the Bank of Khyber’s panels (BOK). We have spent Rs.1.5 billion on this project to produce jobs, and industrial and economic stability in Pakistan, in line with our honorable Prime Minister’s goal for the automotive sector. We are also one of the major private-sector taxpayers, contributing to the government’s coffers.

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FAQ about DFSK

What is the price of a Prince Pearl’s car in Pakistan?

The price of a Prince Pearl car in Pakistan is PKR 1,534,000.

What is the price of DFSK K01 in Pakistan?

The price of DFSK K01 is PKR. 1,469,000.

What is the price of DFSK K07 in Pakistan?

The price of DFSK K07 is PKR 2,039,000.

What is the price of DFSK C37 in Pakistan?

The price of DFSK c37 is PKR. 2,899,000.

What is the Price of DFSK Prince Glory 580 in Pakistan?

The Price of DFSK Prince Glory 580 in Pakistan starts from PKR 5,009,000 and goes up to PKR 5,400,000 depending on the model.

What is the Price of DFSK Prince Glory 580 Pro in Pakistan?

The Price of DFSK Prince Glory 580 Pro in Pakistan is PKR 5,400,000.

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