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Mercedes-Benz Shatters Conventions with Landmark EV Crash Test

Mercedes-Benz has rewritten the rules by conducting the world’s inaugural public electric vehicle (EV) crash test. This groundbreaking frontal impact test took place at Mercedes’ crash facility in Germany and featured two electric SUVs—the EQA and EQS.

Challenging Conventions

In a bold move, Mercedes-Benz went beyond the legal and rating standards in this frontal impact test, defying the norms established by the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). The EQA and EQS SUVs, each weighing over 2 tons, collided at a speed of 56 km/h, surpassing the mandated 50 km/h. This significantly increased the crash energy beyond legal requirements.

Prioritizing Passenger Safety

According to Mercedes engineers, the vehicles effectively absorbed the impact’s energy, preserving the integrity of the passenger safety cell. In emergency situations, this feature ensures that occupants can exit the vehicle independently or assist first responders in reaching them. Remarkably, the doors remained operational despite the impact.

Ensuring Safety

Equipped with adult dummies, the EQA and EQS SUVs demonstrated minimal risks of severe or fatal injuries, validating the effectiveness of crumple zones and advanced restraint systems. With up to 150 measuring points per dummy, the crash test highlighted the vehicles’ ability to safeguard occupants even in severe collisions.

Safety Technology

All safety features, including airbags and belt tensioners, performed flawlessly, confirming the results of extensive computer simulations. Notably, the high-voltage system in both vehicles automatically shut down during the collision, underscoring Mercedes’ dedication to EV safety.

Mercedes-Benz Safety Vision

Markus Schäfer, CTO of Mercedes-Benz Group, emphasized the brand’s unwavering commitment to safety. This recent crash test aligns with their ambitious goal of zero accidents involving a Mercedes-Benz vehicle by 2050. Mercedes-Benz focuses not only on technological excellence but also prioritizes the safety of all road users.

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